2013-03-29 20:11:25 by RedPanada

I completely forgot I had one of these but now I am going to be way more active

I forgot I had one of these

2010-04-14 18:44:54 by RedPanada

I did!
SO I'm going to be more active and what not....
ALSO: Saturdays my birthday so get drunk for me willya?


2010-02-03 10:57:37 by RedPanada

Def embarrassed I drew this but I was bored and it was worth it....you can see it in mah galleryyy =3=

Okay here we go!

2009-09-21 22:21:52 by RedPanada

Alrighty! I'm pretty excited I finally joined this, I've been lurking around this place for years now (like the creep stalker I am). But yes, I am a (sucky) digital artist, a theatrical artist, a singer, and a (aspiring) voice actress. Right now I'm a student with a few more years till college (yay?), I study mandarin chinese and I take pre-IB theatre. My email is: Hongse.Xoingmao@gmail.com and I'm really super awkward about everything but I'd love to do a collab with you {or not...I'll be sad though :( }

-- Cathi